Gumtree South Africa-An Online Classified Ads Site

 Gumtree South Africa-An Online Classified Ads Site:

This is sporting a new logo as a part of an ongoing and including a re-design.Gumtree South Africa logo has remained it is not changed since 2005, although the site has undergone major changes. Gumtree has always been an innovator in the classifieds’ space – it’s high-time that the image of the website matches the level of sophistication and development that has been rolled out behind the scenes,” said Claire Cobbledick, head of core for Gumtree South Africa.The new logo will be similar to that of Gumtree UK, but with a unique colour palette inspired by the Gumtree East London South Africa.

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We have kept our iconic eucalyptus tree motif but upgraded it to look digital and fresh, making the most of negative space to make the logo pop, said Cobbledick.In addition to a new look, the site will introduce a two-step posting process to assist customers in positing goods online faster, Gumtree South Africa Cars while mandatory registration and image uploads (introduced earlier this month) will improve the quality of listings found on the Website.Sellers can expect up to 10% more replies than before, according to testing in other markets, the group said.Gumtree East London South Africa A 24/7 customer service team will be available to assist customers with navigating the site or answering concerns.

GumTree South Africa

GumTree South Africa

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After a spate of news reports exposing the poor transport and cruel slaughtering conditions of donkeys‚ Gumtree South Africa has taken the decision to prohibit all advertisements for live donkeys and donkey hides.The hides are being used to produce Chinese ejiao – that is falsely believed to have medicinal value.According to gumtree jobs South Africa spokeswoman Claire Cobbledick‚ the company was made aware of the issue by both the SPCA and Ban Animal Trading‚ and decided to take action.“While there are many reputable farmers who trade in donkey hides and live animals‚ we decided that extreme measures would be necessary to prevent further unsavory practices.”

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Gumtree initially suspended the sale of donkey hides after a Carte Blanche expose aired on January 29‚ and has extended the ban further.According to a letter distributed by Ban Animal Trading‚ animal welfare organizations in Gumtree Durban South Africa are regularly receiving reports of donkeys slaughtered in rural areas for their skins.The National Council of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals states that “donkeys are being rounded up stolen‚ then transported and brutally slaughtered for their skins”. Gumtree Jobs South Africa This can include bludgeoning them the head and even skinning them alive.Even before the slaughtering‚ these donkeys are subjected to terrible living conditions – some being starved – as well as horrific transportation situations.Gumtree said it had significantly restricted the sale of animals on their platform over the last 12 months‚ including banning the sale of primates‚ sugar gliders‚ African Greys‚ teacup piglets‚ hedgehogs and dogs deemed vulnerable for use in dog fighting.

Gumtree Durban South Africa:

Johannesburg – Gumtree South Africa Johannesburg has urged employers to familiarise themselves with the labour law and recent changes to the minimum wage before advertising a position on their site.

The online classified website set up a tips for web page on Friday morning with useful links for employers and employees.

This comes after a Plumstead, gumtree cape town, family posted an advert for a pleasant-smelling domestic worker who would be paid less than the minimum wage to work nine hours a day, seven days a week, and who had to hand over her passport.

Gumtree South Africa Johansberg:

  • Know your rights with regards to minimum wage, leave and overtime. gumtree cape town Visit or your nearest department of labor if you have any questions about a position.
  • Insist on a contract and UIF registration. This will protect you in the event of a dispute or retrenchment. Free sample contracts can be downloaded from the department’s website.
  • Do not accept a position that offers a salary below the minimum wage. There are a sufficient amount of legal employers willing to adhere to the law and.
  • They Do not provide credit card details, to pay for a position or interview, or hand over important documentation such as your ID or passport to an employer.

Gumtree South Africa Cape Town:

eBay began testing the idea on its Gumtree South Africa store so that searches would return listings on both platforms.

The company then announced it would open the Gumtree South Africa western cape eBay inventory to Gumtree in the UK and Kleinanzeigen in Germany by the end of 2016.

It also announced plans to expose millions of relevant eBay listings on its classifieds websites around the world within the first half of  2017.

The idea behind this effort was to deliver even more relevant searches Gumtree Cape town.

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